Below I have posted examples of my work as a web developer. These include websites I have built, as well as my class content that I have created. As I have said I am currently enrolled at the Coding Bootcamp at the UNC. Each week I am given an assignment to complete in a short period of time. The assignments are presented with only a video of the finished product, and no other help. I then using my abillities build the app, improve upon it, and then style it with my own flavor. I have included a link to my github repositories, so my content can be downloaded, and examined further if you deem it necessary.

Rally Point

A Full Stack application that I helped build with a great team, that serves as a donation system for areas suffering from a recent disaster. Site was built using a sequalized db, stripe for payment, passport for login, pug and materialize for templating.


A work in progress. A socket-io based chat app. The plan is to get it to detect the users zipcode using google's geo locater, and allow only people in that area to use the app to communicate. At this stage it is a functional chat, that uses a Mongo Db, populated with Mongoose schemas to store and display user interaction.


A Full Stack application that utilizes node, express, javascript and more to match the user to similar member in our database based off their results from a brief meyers example.

Heroku Restaurant Reservation Planner

A fully functional restaurant planner, where the user can make a reservation. The app takes the user's info, converts it to Json, and distributes it accordingly. If the restaurant is full then they are placed in a waitig list. The app is built utilizing nodeJS, json, and is deployed using heroku.


A functional store application built in node.JS that utilizes, and updates a mySQL database. Click to see the repository on Github.

node Flash Cards

A node application that creates and utilizes flashcards based on user input. Click to see the repository on Github.


A node.js application based off of Apple's Siri that utilizes the api's of twitter, soundcloud, and OMDB to check my personal information, or request info about particular songs or movies on the fly. Click to see the repository on Github.

Out Of Context

A collaborative web app that I built the back end to. Allows user to search for youtube video, set a custom start and end point, and then compiles a perfect link for sharing. Clips can then be uploaded to our database and shared and used by anyone. Works great for jokes, check out the database to see what we mean.

Train Scheduler

A live database, that users can use to track train schedules of their choice. Powered by Google Firebase, the user can store what time a train first departs, the frequency it arrives, and my program will automically display when it will next arrive, and the remaining time until the arrival. Uses Jquery and moment.js to calculate the timing.

Space Giphy Search

This is an app I built utilizing Javascript, AJAX, and JSON, that uses's own api, to search their database and pull giphs depending on dynamically generated buttons. You can also search for your own gifs by typing into the search bar and clicking submit . This will generate a new button, brandished with your search term, that will generate gifs based on your search term.

Twin Peaks Jquery Quiz

I was assigned to build a quiz using jquery with a timer. I built the main functionality of it with dummy questions and no real theme in mind while watching season 3 of Twin Peaks. So I styled the project after the show. If you happen to be a fan, then enjoy the quiz, if not, I did make sure to not have any major spoilers, in case you're ever interested in it.

Crystal Collector Jquery Game

A jquery based number guessing game that I built from the ground up. Each time the game loads it generates and displays a random number that you have to match by clicking crystals. Each crystal has a different random number attached to it so Be careful.

Javascript Hangman

This is a javascript version of Hangman that I built from the ground up. Didnt see to many Western themed ones online, so I decided to make that my theme. Hope you enjoy.

BootStrap Portfolio

This time the I recreated the portfolio by utilizing the Twitter Bootstrap library. By employing this powerful toolset, I was able to quickly recreate and improve upon the original design, and bypass the need for using Media queries to account for browser size.

Responsive Portfolio

This time the I recreated the portfolio by utilizing the Twitter Bootstrap library. By employing this powerful toolset, I was able to quickly recreate and improve upon the original design, and bypass the need for using Media queries

Basic Portfolio

This was a basically a stage one, lets see where you are at with html/css. We were given specific dimensions and positioning coordinates to build each element. We would later have to rebuild this website from the ground up using different methods. This was essentially the buidling blocks for the Responsive Portfolio, and Bootstrap portfolio entries that you see above.

Scratch Game Prototype

This was a prototype I built using the Scratch engine, and my own artwork. My intention was to rebuild it entirely in Javascript.